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Jill Stidd



Unit 2

Case Study Template

Organization: Infosys

• Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a protonate of both aggregate and succession planning with emphasis on a proactive versus a reactive approach. This paper will identify the major issues surrounding the organization or individuals within the organization in regards to valuing the employee as a capital asset, employee retention, and moral.  In addition, it will identify alternate courses of action and recommendations to alleviate the problem. 

• The major issues surrounding the organization and the individuals involved with the organization begins with 2003 downfall of the No. 1 ranking in the Business Today Best Employer Survey both in 2001 and 2002. With the company’s rapid growth and its number of employees skyrocketing it was clear that Infosys was struggling with their strategic plan and vision they had originally put in place, “(1) As Infosys became more process-oriented and started leveraging its experience to perform repeatable projects, employees realized that they were being deprived of the creative and technical ingenuity that had been inherent in their work during the initial years. (2) Employees thought the organization was becoming more impersonal and that some of the perks of the initial years were being repealed” (DeLong, Tandon, Rengaswamy. 2005). Rapid growth was also challenging in regards to the execution of the C-LIFE which was an acronym for the companies revised core values. It seems that they were putting so much time trying to create an orientation to these values at hire by designing two different orientation programs to reach different demographics that they lost sight of their employees frustrations. Therefore their employee turnover rate was increasing and increasing their costs to recruit and start the C-LIFE orientation process all over again. They tried many employee benefits like stock options, fun working...