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Running Head: Final Reflections



Alexis Mitchell

Professor C. Walker

September 5, 2012


Running Head: Final Reflections 2

Over the length of this course we have finalize three important essays.

Experiences as a writers is a overview of my writing experiences that I

had thus far. The essays tells the audience about my valuable lessons and

the experiences that I have ran across in my writing. Since this was one of the first

essays I can say that the writing was a little bit shaky but with help it got better.

The next essay title changing our lives was much better due to fact it was something

that I could relate to, because I was the narrator and I was telling the story based on

true facts on how changed my life and decided to further my education and enhance my

career . The events that take place are real events that happen to help me improve my life.

I like this essay because it was rewarding to talk about the achievements I had. The

worst parts of the essay are my grammar mistakes and introduction on how to catch

the audience attention.

The last essay was My life essays and it was such a thrill to write about my life and the

things that are in my life. This essay was probably the easiest to write about because once

again I am telling the audience real facts base on my life. I wrote about my job because it

is something that I do everyday and I thought it would be easy to write about it....