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Dirt Bikes is a motorcycle company whom have been having financial issues concerning communication amongst inside and outside personnel, and information that is obtained about the motorcycle industry and the global economy. I plan to discuss solutions pertaining to these issues; I will concentrate on efficient communications and the obtaining of information. Other areas of improvements will consist of sales and marketing, human resources, and manufacturing and production. My aim is to help the employees and the organization with various tools that will benefit all whom are in association. Revenue can be saved with the proper course of action, employee assistance, and technical support.

Dirt Bikes have shared recently with me their concerns about employee communications and information development. The costs of these actions are not as efficient as they want them to be and change is needed. It seems to me the first place change should occur is with their computer network; their network appears to be too small and outdated. Upgrades need to be done to their network operating system (NOS); the network operating system manages and routes communications on the network and coordinates network resources. An upgrade to this system is imperative, because one of our target areas is communications. Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, and Novell Open Enterprise Server are a few options for improvement; they are some of the most highly used operating systems, and have a reputation for quality and efficiencies.

Next, we should examine their telecommunication systems; an organization of this magnitude should have a corporate wide network infrastructure. The network infrastructure for a large corporation consists of a large number of small local-area networks linked to other local-area networks and to firm wide corporate networks. In addition to these networks many organization’s infrastructures have separate telephone networks which are strictly for voice data. To...