Operation Specification of Sand Manufacturing Line

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Operation specification of sand production line

The doing work surroundings of tools prospects to your rusting of sand creating machine, which is a typical chemical response. Once the machine is placed during the air for any very long time, it will be simple to get rusty. The working setting of sand creating machine is mostly very poor, it truly is very likely to acquire rusty and impact the production high quality. So how you can keep and appropriately operate the sand producing machine tools is becoming additional and much more important. Zhengzhou Yifan will introduce some good solutions to derust and increase the operation inside the .

1) Chemical derusting: primarily from the chemical response amongst acid and metallic oxides and as a result clear away the rust corrosion to the metal surface, which can be known as pickling rust, and might only be operated during the workshop.

2) Small sized pneumatic or electrical derusting: electricity or compressed air is worked as driving force and outfitted with suitable derusting device for reciprocating or rotary movement to meet the derusting requirements of the selection of occasions. By way of example, the angel grinder and wire brush which belong to semi mechanized gear are incredibly light and helpful, and of excellent mobility. They are able to totally derust but can not attain significant qualified surface therapy.

3) Higher pressure water abrasive derusting: because of the influence of substantial strain water jet (plus the grinding result of abrasive), the prized purpose of water harm and corrosion and the coatings adhesion to the plate shelves. Its traits are: no dust pollution, no harm to steel and high derusting effectiveness.

4) Daubing anti oxidation paint derusting: daubing mineral oil, paint or enamel around the surface of ironwork, or plating a layer of metal including zinc, tin, chrome, and so on by electroplating or hot dip. The surface of those metals can form a dense sull which can...