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Changing negative behavior or bad habits to positive ones requires time and a basic general knowledge. Successful behavior change begins with adequate preparation and continues with a variety of strategies and techniques that we should be aware of to gradually alter thoughts and action. There are many things a person does in their daily lives. It could be from eating habits, sleeping habits, smoking, learning, languages, conversation with others or just how the person behaves in a social environment as well as within the family. No one is perfect in this world. Everyone has some sort of behavior which is not accepted by the community or even the ones you live with.

Personally, I don’t eat a healthy diet and sometimes just eat once a day. I know it’s a bad habit and I always get away from this by saying I don’t have time or I don’t want to eat as I will get fat. After taking this course of physiological psychology, I understand the importance of healthy diet on a regular basis. Eating disorder not only makes a person weak but also comes with lot of diseases which we might not see in a near future. Some of the diseases which can harm the body are ulcer, acidity; lose weight, high risk to your health and weakness. In 2010, I had ulcer and the main reason for this is my eating habits. Doctors told me to eat regularly but a healthy diet. I took his advice to some extent and then once I started getting better I chose the same old path. Learning through this course really helps me in understanding the importance of eating a proper diet. It helps to relax your mind and gives you energy to think properly and work efficiently. It not only harms the body physically but also psychologically.

My dad smokes a lot and I been trying my level best to stop him from smoking. Every time I try but the result is always negative. I tried hiding his cigarettes packs and also told him not to smoke inside the house but nothing was working. He always gets a way of smoking sometimes...