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Fall 2012

Your assignment is to prepare a Country Market Report - a market research report that matches a particular product or service to a new foreign market. The product/market combinations that you may choose from are as follows (choose 1):

1. Home Depot to Brazil

2. The Cheesecake Factory to Russia

3. Whole Foods to Spain

* Complete Country Market Report that includes the following sections: Economic Environment, Political Environment, Cultural Environment, Competition, and Target Markets(s).

* After conducting research about your chosen country, you should briefly identify key findings/issues that will likely affect your decision concerning the viability of this market for your product/service and how economic, cultural, political, regulatory, and competitive factors could affect this decision. Also, please identity and explain target markets and estimate their sizes. It is important to provide information – more importantly, please explain its significance to your particular business model.

* A list of sources (with abstract) must be compiled and included as an Appendix to your report. This list should include not only free sources from the Internet but also any other sources utilized. Each reference should be followed by a 1-2 sentence description of the source and its value to your research.

* Read the latest Commercial Guide for your country located under “Market Research Library” on the U.S. government export portal: Go via ‘International Sales-Marketing’ then ‘Market Research and Due Diligence’. These reports have important information that is very difficult to find elsewhere.

Final Products

Country Market Report: The Document

This written assignment should be about 15-20 pages – no more than 20 including Appendix. Note, I will not read nor grade past page 20. (double spaced in font 12 with normal margins)...