Lose the Fad

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Merrie Hill

Week Three

Lose the Fad

American is in a war, not with any country or any specific individual, but rather with oneself and our dietary needs and wants. What is fueling this war is the quick fix backed by a company payroll versus the sound and logical approach being to change ones lifestyle and diet.

Obesity in America is at an all time high. According the center of Disease control about one third of American adults are obese that equals out to 33% of American adults have a problem with food, and how does American prove to solve this dilemma of the gut, is it by change of habits and lifestyle?

According to the Food and Drug Administration Americans spent about 30 billion dollars a year on weight loss products. Although the easiest way to solve the issue of obesity is to change your outlook on food and come to the realization that diets on high fatty foods rich in preservatives, or foods that have trans-fats really isn’t good for us, but we as Americans; whom love anything that is fast see that as an end to means and a threat to our carefree lifestyle of eating habits that are more important to us rather than a means to an end of a lifetime battle for some.

For some Americans it’s a lifetime battle with obesity, for others it’s a sign that we aren’t as young as we used to be but whatever the case may be many look to the new and fast way to solve the battle of the gut with “Fad diets” that come out every year. We all have heard the infomercials or commercial programs that are on late at night claming to make you lose your excess weight in a short time, some in fact claim that they will have you looking like a “new you” in just under a month. The claim of making you lose 30 pounds in 30 days has not gone unheard. But what Americans have to come to the conclusion is that there really isn’t a fast way of losing the weight and keeping it off.

Americans think that they will lose the pounds because of the way...