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How is the role of government likely to change? 

Health care legislation would make changes in the way health care is financed, organized, and delivered in the United States. There is a significant focus on three key areas in particular: the role of the federal government; the potential impact of reform on lowering the growth rate of Medicare spending; and pay physicians and other qualified health care practitioners to counsel Medicare beneficiaries on advance care planning, as well as to collect information on quality measures of care.

Will government be more or less involved in the health sector?

U.S government will be more involved in the health sector. The federal government already has all the regulatory powers which oversee businesses in the private sector, including healthcare.  President Obama has said publicly many times during the campaign that his goal is to have a federal single-payer meaning government run and controlled health care system. Obama care is the prime example of U.S involvement in healthcare sector.

What impact will increased government involvement have on healthcare as a business opportunity?

The role of the U.S. government in protecting and promoting the health can be described within six broad functions which will impact the health care business industry: (1) policy-making, (2) financing, (3) public health protection (e.g., standard setting and regulation), (4) collecting and disseminating information, (5) capacity building for population health, including research and training, and (6) direct management of health services.

Where do you see a potential for growth in the health sector? 

It’s an industry that’s growing because of advances in technology. Healthcare will see significant changes in the way health related services will be delivered in the long run. Demand will continue to grow for primary care physicians, physician assistants and nurses. On the nonclinical side career opportunities will emerge,...