Business Ethics and Globalization

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XMGT 216

Week 8 Checkpoint

Business Ethics and Globalization

Lori Davis

November 24, 2012

The ethical issues that are linked with globalization can include many different issues on many levels. The issues I see would be the treatment of workers, cultural corruptions, as well as the distribution of authority within globalizing organizations. First of all before going into detail about the ethical issues that are linked to globalization I feel the need to define what globalization is exactly. Globalization basically explains what the vast issues are of adjoining nations whether it is societies, education, as well as plans. Treatment of workers, cultural corruptions, and Culture in general all are all very important issues that are considered ethical issues and probably the most important of them all. The treatment of workers can vary from culture to culture and depending on the country some of the standards of working can really take its toll on someone. Many young people are forced to work at very young age and then also work just as hard up until they are elderly. Some workers suffer very harsh working conditions and some have even lost their lives while working. A prime example of Cultural Corruption would be the issues that Nigeria has been facing which is so drastic. There are many workers that deal with corruption and there is basically nothing that has been done about it. One of the issues of corruption that Nigeria is facing would be the shortage on fuel in Africa which is one of the largest oil producers in the world. There are many scams that originate around this area as well such as email scams and also many scams that originate on Craigslist. One major issue with Culture and globalization would be the vast differences in everyone’s culture. There are so many cultures that may clash with one another as well as the issues some may face in the United States.