Public Schools Better

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We have always had stereotypes in our minds that private schools were more prestigious than public schools. Higher rates of getting in to Ivy League, better education provided, and getting in to a University was almost a guarantee. People often underestimate public schools; they do not know the fact that there is a higher percentage rate of students from public school to admit in ivy leagues, higher percentages of awards won by public schools,

Most of us have an image in our mind that private school students are more intelligent, more likely to get into college or university than public school children. This is actually a false stereotype. From various studies, it was finally concluded that public schools had a same rate of college and university acceptance as private schools, and students who attended private school ended up with a similar job as public schools at the age 26. In the large-scale government financed study, in 2003, two professors compared eight and fourth grade math scores from private and public schools. The conclusion resulted in the public school students did as well, if not better than the comparable students at private schools. This study can prove that private school may not seemingly be better.

Moreover, to enroll in a private school you must pass the admission exam. People with mental disabilities will not be able to attend, whereas public schools will take any race, gender or children with disabilities. They will not turn down children with emotional, mental, or physical disabilities, but instead provide and help them with the best service as possible. The expensive admission fee is also a downfall. Many people do not have a good financial background to support their children to private schools; therefore many students in private schools whose families are affluent and may develop a theory that they are more “superior” to public school students. While private schools have the lack of normal social interactions with people outside...