Soulful Synchronicity

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Soulful Synchronicity

Soulful Synchronicity

Simonne Jordan


April 14, 2012

Sonja Farnsworth

Soulful Synchronicity

Though Gospel music has Christian elements and the Blues show signs of its secular influence, both types of music bring spiritual comfort to American Christians and share a common bond in slave spirituals.

A. Origin of gospel

1. Slavery

2. Church

B. Origin of blues

1. Slavery

2. The devil’s music

II. Emotions play a part

A. Uplifting

1. Songs of praise

2. Songs of comfort

B. Troublesome

1. Songs of heartache

2. Songs of despair

III. Comfort in the chaos

A. Light in times of trouble

1. Reminder of promises

2. Reflection of blessings

B. Help in times of pain

1. You are not alone

2. Hardships build character

IV. Beautiful collision

A. Gospel changes

1. Contemporary Christian music

2. Rock Christian music

B. Blues changes

1. The devil’s instrument

2. The church’s influence


If the religious community would have maintained the idea that blues was “the devil’s music”, gospel music would not be reaching people the way it does today. Both religious and secular worlds are forever changed by the evolution of slave spirituals and a guitar. Had it not been for the emotional, common root of slave spirituals, there would not be such a diverse music spectrum with gospel music thrown in the mix. Many would have never thought both styles of music would inspire and complement each other in reaching out to the hurting and lonely to give them hope and encouragement. Blues was the inspiration for most of the music styles prominent in gospel music today, reaching thousands with a positive...