Frictions in Trade Increase Sharply

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The economic downturns in major economic entities cause the declining of domestic demand and this resulted in higher unemployment rate. In order to protect domestic enterprises and increase employment, the country will impose trade protection of goods to other countries to raise import threshold. In addition, the Commerce Department data shows that in the first half of this year, China has suffered surveys from 18 countries and regions which initiate at anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and special protection. It has increased by 38% compared to last year. From the view of other countries such as Brazil, India and other developing countries, the number cases in china occupied 70% in the total frictions. The surge in emerging countries trade friction has became an important feature of the current round of trade war in China. The coal enterprises will be out of the coal dominant predicament and lock the diversified development ideas. The industrial chain extends to modern coal chemical, coal machine manufacturing and industrial chain including the introduction of advanced equipment and new technology of recycling waste. Out of energy-efficient production, eliminating waste and taping new resources, the market participants believe that in future long period, it is to benefit from mechanical industrial machine. Manufacturing companies aim to upgrade excavator manufacturing enterprises such as construction machinery, precision high-end machine tool manufacturers and the core technology of high-speed rail equipment. New energy equipment manufacturers will have great investment potential. In the equipment manufacturing industry, they can continue to upgrade their skills and to capture the market as soon as possible in order to achieve the import substitution. For the energy saving method, the application of new environmental hammer crusher can help to recycle the gangue and other materials. All in all, comprehensive measures need to be taken to avoid friction....