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Step 1: You will need

* Clear LED Christmas lights

* Scissors

* roll of white organza

* Painted birch twigs

* Snowflakes

* Icicles

* Crystal beaded garlands

* assortment of baubles

* Assorted larger baubles

* Lengths of wire - you can buy these from florists pre-cut or cut them to size yourself

Step 2: Choose your lights

Unwind your string of lights. LED lights are a better option that regular fairy lights. If one LED bulb goes out, the rest will still work unlike fairy lights. Although they are more expensive, are much more energy efficient and safer as they stay cool to the touch. They will also last longer so you won't have to buy a new set every year.

Step 3: Attach lights to the tree

Find the end of your string of lights and twist a piece of wire around the last bulb. Wind the wire around the top of the tree to secure the lights to the tree. You may need to stand on a stool or step ladder to reach the top of the tree.

Separate the wires at intervals and push the branches of the tree between them to ensure the lights stay in place.

Step 4: Drape the organza

Take a roll of white organza and cut the fabric in half along the length of the material. Gather the fabric all the way down the roll. Wind a piece of wire around the end of one strip and attach it to the top of the tree. Drape the organza in a spiral around the tree all the way to the bottom, placing one strip after another. Lay it on roughly at first and then tidy it up once it is in place. Twist a piece of wire around the ends and secure it to the tree.

Push white painted birch twigs in between the branches of the tree for a beautiful wintry effect. You can buy these from any florist in a number of colours.

Hang icicles and snowflakes on a few of the branches, spreading them evenly around the entire tree. You can rest some snowflakes on top of the branches further in towards the tree trunk to add depth.

Drape beaded garlands onto the tree in...