Powder Coating Machine

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The present invention provides a combination of powder coatings usable in amethod for forming a coating film acquiring visually homogeneous hue by mixing two or even more powder coatings of which each and every color is different, whereby a coating film acquiring visually homogeneous hue is obtained by applying onto a substrate to become coated two or more powder coatings. While in the present specification, the coating film possessing visually homogeneous hue signifies that the hue in the formed coating film is homogeneous to this kind of an extent that the colors of person powder coatings blended therein can't be discerned by human eyes.

The of the present invention might be ready by melt kneading every single with the over elements employing an extruder. Right after cooling the resulting kneaded mixture, it really is subjected to physical pulverization using pulverizing gadgets, this kind of as hammer mills and jet mills, after which the pulverized solution is classified working with classifiers, such as air classifiers and micron classifiers, to offer powder coatings of sought after average particle sizes. The powder coating in the present invention preferably can be a powder possessing an normal particle dimension of from 1 to 50 m, much more ideally from five to 30 m. Additional, from the viewpoint of quick handling, the typical particle size is more ideally from 10 to 20 m. The typical particle dimension from the powder is preferably 50 m or less, from the facet of possessing a sufficiently thin coating film, as well as regular particle dimension is preferably one m or even more, from your factor of preventing the agglomeration from the particles, thereby rendering it attainable to attain good homogeneous mixing. In the with the present invention, a visually homogeneous coating film may be easily prepared even if the particle dimension with the coating to become utilized features a size exceeding 10 m, as in the case of getting a size of 10 to 20 m as...