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Nowadays, more and more airlines go bankrupt, due to the crisis or eg today, following the oil crisis, where 24 airlines have failures in 6 months. We can ask ourselves by what means Air France he managed to remain a world-renowned company? To explain this, we will first of all the creation of Air France, its activities and organization. Then, we will discuss strategies, environment, and finally we will guide on a branch of Air France computers.

At the end of the First World War, created the first commercial airlines. Their main activity is then the carriage of mail. The passenger is still reserved for the privileged few.

Air Orient, Air Union, Société Générale and Air Transport International Air Navigation Company regroup in 1933 to create a joint venture: the Central Society for the Exploitation of Airlines. It was renamed Air France in August 1933, and shows the emblem of Air Orient: the winged seahorse.

In 1938, Air France has 100 aircraft and has the third global network with

46 500 km. The company was booming. But the Second World War broke out and Air France reduced its activities. Immediately after the war, Air France became the property of the State June 26, 1945 and was given the entire French air network with a mission to serve the colonies.

From 1945 to today, Air France builds a truly international network and develops its activities (passenger transport, freight transport and aircraft maintenance). She regularly renews its fleet by taking advantage of technological advances.

Airlines belonging to the French Government, that is to say, Air France, Air Inter, Air Charter and UTA meet and give birth to the Groupe Air France, January 12, 1990 in temporarily maintaining their autonomy. The post is added to this group in 2000.

In 2000, Air France joined forces with other airlines: Delta Air Lines, Aeromexico and Korean Air, SkyTeam to form.

Since 3 May 2004, Air France and KLM merged to form the Air France / KLM.