Nivea Case Summary

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* Targeted at gap in the market

* Gathered from market research by listening to consumer and data gathering

* More modern and young packaging to appeal to the target group of young women

* Consistent with corporate responsibility of reduced wastage by larger packaging


* Affordable and value for money as these are the main concerns for the target group

* Keep a close watch on market, especially competitors to keep price competitive


* Nivea uses retail outlets to reach the youth market

* Research done on the purchasing patterns of youth and the appropriate place to sell product

* Adopt cost efficient distribution by selling to wholesalers for smaller accounts


* Use of product sample to gain exposure of product to target groups

* Interactive online magazine to educate young women

* Use of social media


Any one point of the 4 ‘P’s will not work alone. It is the combined effect of the 4’p’s that creates the holistic marketing mix that successful bring the product into the market. Just imagine, even if the product has a very attractive price to it, when there is an absence of the use of the product or inappropriate distribution channel that fails to reach out to the target group who needs the product, the launch of the product will not be successful.


It is the in depth market research done by Nivea that gave them the accurate understanding of the needs of the market and to provide the solution to how they are going to promote the product. They understood how to reach out to the target group and appeal to them through their data gathering. By being the solution to the needs of the target group and knowing the most direct way to reach out to them through research, Nivea is able to effectively and efficiently launch this product