Education Who Should Control the Curriculum

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Aims of education

Who should control the curriculum?

The national curriculum has been in England since the 1988 education reform act. A national curriculum is when the state has the authority to decide what should be taught in schools. Other countries might not have a national curriculum but instead have state-mandated text books, which do a similar role to the national curriculum. The control of the English education system has changed over time, since the 1988 education reform act, the state has been in control over the national curriculum. A national curriculum provides equality as everyone is taught the same content. The national curriculum can provide a clear way to see progress in learning and in teaching, by exams and Ofsted inspections. However, the English national curriculum is controlled by the state and could be seen as a method to separate and maintain different social classes (Apple. 1993). Therefore we continuously have a debate on who should control the national curriculum.

Parents, teachers, pupils and the state, all believe they could control the curriculum for the best outcome of learning. Decker et al, feel that parents, pupils, the state and teachers all have some rights in curriculum matters (Decker, et al. 2004). Parents believe they know what is best for their children (Bailey. 2010). Therefore, they think they should decide what their child should be taught at school. Teachers feel that they understand a child’s weaknesses, strengths, interests and attitudes (Doiron & Davies. 1998) and can provide the best help for the child to progress. The pupils know their interests and what they want to learn at GCSE level, A Levels and Degree level, therefore, they should be able to control what they want to learn, so that they can fulfil their future aspirations. The state, who are in current control of the curriculum, feel they know what is best for the society we live in and it is the state’s responsibility to provide an equal education...