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According to the lack of security of Windows server 2003, I propose that most companies are using Windows server 2003 should upgrade to Windows server 2008. The cost will be minor by purchase the upgrade license product key, and the new system will satisfy the Internet security need.


Nowadays, the security of company network is one of the most important criteria. Because of the attacks over Internet has significantly increase in last few years, Windows server 2003 is no longer corresponding to the Internet. Upgrade to Windows server 2008 will not only provides a higher network security level, and also brings the compatibility over the Internet.

I have considered about implementing IPv6 IP addressing to our college network, Apache Web Server installation in small business, and upgrading a domain server from Windows server 2003 to Windows server 2008 in small business network.

I have finally decided my topic about upgrading a domain server from Windows server 2003 to Windows server 2008 in small business network. It is because the other two topics are either too board and too narrow. Windows server is the most common operating system has used in most small business networks. I am expecting that this research can be my future guide in real environment. The research for this topic is also easier than the others. Microsoft website provides very detailed information to guide though the entire process.

Windows server administration would be a major core for a network administrator. In order to guarantee the reliability of business network, the maintenance and upgrade of domain server will always make by network administrator. Any mistake will cause the server fail and lost of important data.

I will benefit from this research. This research could help me to avoid from losing my job because it avoids mistakes when I actually doing my job.

Proposal plan:

Most small businesses are using Windows Server 2003 as...