Economic Review

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Economic Review

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|2006 sees most economic targets met |

|VNECONOMY updated: 02/01/2007 |

|The national economic picture of 2006 was bright with almost all targets set by the National Assembly either fulfilled or surpassed, said |

|General Director Le Manh Hung of the Viet Nam General Statistics Office. |

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|Speaking with the press on Dec 29, Hung said this year's national gross domestic product increased 8.17% from last year. The industry and |

|construction sectors grew by 10.37%, followed by the service sector with 8.29% and the agro-forestry and fisheries sector, 3.4%. |

|Social investment capital hit a record of almost VND399tril, making up 41% of the country's GDP with the State contributing one-third of the|

|figure. |

|Foreign direct investment rose to a record high of US$9.9bil and the disbursed capital was US$4.1bil, also a record so far. The US$1.126bil |

|project of the Posco Steel Company and the US$605mil project of the Intel Products Viet Nam Ltd. Co. were among the largest licensed in |

|2006. |

|Committed official development assistance (ODA) capital for Vietnam reached almost US$4.45bil, with 2006 the second consecutive year that |

|ODA disbursement, at around US$1.8bil, exceeded the target....