Consumer Perception on Store Image

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International Marketing and Brand Management BUS 809 Master Thesis Spring 2006

Consumer Perceptions of Store Image: A study of Ikea and Ilva in Sweden and Denmark


Emeli Ranelid Fabiola Rivera Bello


Ulf Johansson

Consumer Perception of Store Image: A study of Ikea and Ilva in Sweden and Denmark


Title Consumer perceptions of store image: A study of Ikea and Ilva in Sweden and Denmark 1 June 2005 International Marketing and Brand Management, BUS 809 10 Swedish credits (15 ECTS) Ulf Johansson Emeli Ranelid, Fabiola Rivera Bello Store Image, Hofstede, Sweden, Denmark, Ikea, Ilva The aim of this study is to inquire into the congruency of store image perceptions, projected by Ikea and Ilva, and how Danish and Swedish consumers perceive the aforementioned stores’ images in their respective domestic market. Also, the aim sets out to evaluate the success of these stores’ images on consumers and on transference to host markets. Further, the aim is to discern specific store image attributes captivating Swedish and Danish consumers. A quantitative approach based on questionnaires was used. The data was analysed using SPSS and compared between the two countries and Ikea and Ilva. Further the data was compared to the store image portrayed by Ikea and Ilva based on secondary data and two semi-structured interviews. In order to analyse consumer’s perceptions of store image, a theoretical framework based on store image by McGoldrick among others, and culture represented mainly by Hofstede were used along with the Country-of-Design perspective. The empirical data is based on 300 questionnaires containing answers from Danish and Swedish consumers about store image perception. The store image portrayed by Ikea and Ilva derives from each company’s webpage and interviews. The study found that there is congruence in how Ikea and Ilva want to portray themselves and how the consumers perceive their store image. In the case of Ikea the results...