Corporate Leadership

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Reflection report: Corporate Leadership


Reflection report: Corporate Leadership



I got goose bumps interacting with the distinguished speaker’s, as I had some remarkable insights during the Corporate Leadership module. Since I am deeply influenced by Charisma as a leadership theme, in the reflection essay below I have tried to weave a brief chronicle contemplating some of my learning’s during and after the module, experiences and thoughts about leadership and in specific changes to beliefs about Charismatic leadership.

1. Charisma: The absolute must

Charisma (Term introduced by Max Weber) is defined as, "The ability to inspire enthusiasm, interest, or affection in others by means of personal charm or influence."

In my observation their style is infectious with personal magnetism which inspires people creating an emotional attachment. It’s an invisible energy with visible effect. In my work place at Accenture there are Partners and Senior Executives who have this aura and they leave this “wow” feeling after every interaction. My understanding before the module was that all leaders need to be Charismatic. Without Charisma there can be no effective leadership. As in my experience, lack of charisma leads to lethargy and lack of passion in the team as charisma strengthens leader’s influence and is a big motivator. I had no great research evidence of Charisma before the module apart from my experiences and reading about charismatic leaders like: Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Jack Welsh and others.

2. Reflection/ Fresh Dimension

This module was so alive with countless vignettes of leadership that it forced me to ruminate in soul-searching

2.1 Shifts in Opinion

My experience in the module, the above reflection and...