Rfp for a Transportation Management System

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RFP for A Transportation Management System

The purpose of this Request is to invite your company to submit a proposal for a complete Transportation Management System (TMS) for inbound transportation services of parts only. Four categories of expectations are listed and your submission must address each category with complete information. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

Questions will only be addressed at the pre – arranged meeting between each company.

Submission shall be only on or before the said deadline date by email to xxx@ABC.com. The submission shall only be in the form of a Microsoft word format with excel spread sheet attachments. All submissions must be followed by a hard copy sent via postal mail within 3 weeks of the submitted email proposal, marked RFP Transportation Management system with your business name and address.

All proposals must state that they are valid for minimum of 90 days from the closing date. Modifications to bids already submitted will be accepted in writing providing the modification were sent prior to the final closing date and does not reveal the original or revised total amount of said bid.

Scope of TMS

Four areas that must have completed information provided


In this section, complete company information is required for proposal. This information should include company background such as name and contact information (proposal main contact name, title, telephone, email and cell) history of company, leader’s (CEO’) names and years of service. Provide an overview of the company’s financials showing 2 years of fiscal results along with current balance sheet information. Disclose any litigation situations pending and or any lawsuits that may be current or from past problems. Also disclose any possible discussions about being acquired or of any possible acquisitions.

Provide in detail employee information, such as the total number of employees currently with the company and how...