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Article Analysis

Fast Food is a way of life for many countries and societies not only in the United States but also in places like Pakistan and around the world. According to Baig (2012), “Today, eating out entirely is part of fast lifestyle, not just a special treat as it was in years past. Evolution of eating out and food away from home to an extent of food revolution is an outcome of changing food and eating habits of the consumers towards convenience in the present time-starved societies, where both husband and wife are working”(para. 1). According to Baig (2012), the article titled “Review of Trends in Fast Food Consumption” reviews the consumption of fast food in the country Pakistan. I will be analyzing the basis for the trends in the consumption patterns as well as describing why the demand and supply has changed in this particular market. I will also discuss the elasticity of the prices and how consumers respond to price changes.

Fast Food is about convenience. Many working adults just do not have the time to shop, cook, and prepare meals for a family. Baig (2012) states, “Fast food chains are mounting in popularity by reason of convenience and their home oriented approach” (para.1). People can get virtually whatever type of food they may be in search of in a matter of minutes. Fast food definitely has saved time for the fast paced lifestyle many people live.

Fast Food restaurants are popping up everywhere. “Now Fast food centers found on the corners of streets, off the side of interstates, airports, malls, schools, gas stations, local shopping center, and even in hospitals” (Baig, 2012, para.3). Consumption patterns in fast food are increasing. Countries such as Pakistan are becoming more modern and urbanized. “Structural changes in the demand for food in Asia have projected that Asian countries had been undergoing transformations in their economies supported by rapid urbanization and this trend would continue in the years to come”(Baig, 2012,...