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Unit 6 project Requirements

1. The organization is asking us whether or not we should consider outsourcing the TIMS project. For this part of our assignment, supply the following deliverables:

a) What are the pros and cons we must consider if we outsource our project?


* By increasing productivity and efficiency, a business can be more successful and better-prepared for market challenges.

* Outsourcing frees an organization from investments in technology, infrastructure and people that make up the bulk of a back-end process' capital expenditure.

* Outsourcing gives businesses flexibility in staffing and manpower management. Since the service provider is responsible for managing the workforce, you save costs and can also pick the best people to run your core functions.


* One of the biggest disadvantages of outsourcing is the risk of losing sensitive data and the loss of confidentiality. It is important, therefore, to have checks in place to avoid data loss.

* Losing management control of business functions mean that you may no longer be able to control operations and deliverables of activities that you outsource.

* Problems with quality can arise if the outsourcing provider doesn't have proper processes and/ or is inexperienced in working in an outsourcing relationship.

b) What options do we have available if the outsourcing decision is made?

First, the company should determine what sort of outsourcing relationship will best meet its needs. Some businesses share strategic decision making with their vendors, while others outsource only on a limited, as-needed basis. Outsourcing some of the functions of TIMS such as tracking management will also improve daily operations of our information center.

2. Perform three tasks to analyze in-house development of TIMS:

a) Using the financial numbers shown below provide the following:

i) Three year worksheet as depicted on Page 663 in the Financial Analysis Tools section of...