Organizational Behavior

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Ethics competency was seen when a man talked to Valdez about experiencing conflict with his team leader in the display group. He felt she had not been allowing free expression of his ideas and “had it in” for him. The man admitted that he did not how to handle the situation. Valdez promised to look into the matter further.

Teams Competency was seen many times with Valdez as a leader. She had lots of meetings where she talked with her staff and with her superiors to find out what was going on and what needed to be done. She had a meeting with the contact lens group. Valdez listened to their presentation and after they were finished, she stated some new ideas that she had and thanked them for their results. She set some goals for the contact lens group that she wanted accomplished before the next meeting. She then went on to a second meeting where she did the same thing. Valdez showed that she works well within a team, and knows what to do to get goals accomplished.

Self-competency was seen when Valdez offered her advice to a colleague who was interested in getting into the same marketing field that Valdez was in. A woman who worked at the optical lab asked Valdez if she could give her some advice. The woman questioned Valdez on her career and what opportunities there were in her field. Valdez talked about her experiences in the field and advised her about the best route to take to get into the company’s marketing department.