Community Policing

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Community policing (COPPS) is a philosophy that is proactive that involves communities and their responsibilities towards crime prevention. The main objective towards community policing is that it examines consistent problems, determines the causes of the problem and develops solutions for prevention. The establishment of community policing came about to find ways for citizens in communities to deter crime and to feel safer in the neighborhoods where they reside. Identifying areas where crime is most likely to occur is a major step to achieving this agenda.

The community itself has a major involvement towards keeping their own selves also. By implementing neighborhood watch programs and organizing community gatherings helps to keep an eye out for one another. When the community members keep a watchful eye out for one another, this helps the police out to be able to do their job and enables them to focus on higher crimes in the city. Being able to maintain close and beneficial police and community relationships offers a way for law enforcement to re-energize a safe and productive lifestyle for our communities.

In 1829, Robert Peele established the Metropolitan Police Services in London, England. He established certain “beat boundaries” that were patrolled by whom he referred to as “Bobbies”. (Patterson) This has served as a traditional role for the police forces for British and American today and ever since. Before 1829 crime prevention was a rarity and an actual response was only when a crime had been reported. Patrolling was only very sporadic and any crime deterrence or criminal apprehension was almost always by accident. Peele established nine basic principles to abide by in community policing. (plus, 2012)

1. Prevent crime and disorder.

2. The performance of the police’s duties is based on the...