Marketing 4 P's

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This paper includes descriptive information on the 4 Ps of Marketing and the relation to a dealership’s marketing devolvement and strategy in today’s society.

Marketing Mix & A Dealership


November 5, 2012

Raj Bose

In today’s society and economy companies are doing even more to market their products and services. Marketing, a genuine relationship and catering of the needs and wants of a company’s customer based clientele. A large extent of marketing research goes into exploring the nature of the needs and wants of the company’s customers. Kotler and Keller define marketing as a function and process of the organization, which creates, communicates and delivers value to customers and maintains customer relationships by means profitable to the firm and interest groups (Kotler & Keller, 2012). The marketing mix helps you define the marketing elements for successfully positioning your market offer.

Having a relevant list of information and variables in typical situations from communication, research, and surveys plays an important role in the research of marketing. Marketing research is the collection, analysis and reporting of data that is important to a particular marketing situation (Armstrong & Kotler, 2011, p.77.) Reaching out to customers via surveys or comment polls help to create an open communication with customers so that dialogues can be built, building a better relationship between the company and customer, better advertisement campaigns and an understanding towards the customer’s needs and wants.

According to the American Marketing Association, Neil Borden coined the term “marketing mix” in 1953. The concept was then taught to many. The prominent marketer, E. Jerome McCarthy, proposed a Four P classification in 1960, which has since been widely used by marketers throughout the world (emarketingconsult). The mix, 4 Ps marketing mix is a combination of what a company has to offer in that of the product, price, place...