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Vice President Debate:

Biden vs. Ryan

Americans have a very important job to do come this November 2012. We have the President who wants to continue in his work. Governor Romney has no idea what direction he will go, but believe he can save this country from going into worse financial problems. This election not only makes an impact on America, but also on the rest of the world. This country has endured a poor educational system. In Chicago alone school districts have been going on strike one after the other. Unemployment is out of control, and there is more people receiving food stamps then ever before. This is suppose to be the land of opportunity. Americans are not feeling that freedom that comes with living here. Americans need a leader who will make things better for all people not just for one party but all Americans.

On the attack in Libya, Mr. Ryan criticized the President and the Vice President on how they handle the situation. Mr. Ryan complaint if took the White House two weeks to admit it was a terrorist attack. Mr. Ryan also complaint due to the lack of security is why the terrorist was able to carry out their mission. Biden shot back saying do to Mr. Ryan and others voting against more security in the embassy that is why they were vulnerable to attacks.

Mr. Ryan did admit that when the President came to the White House it was a mess. Mr. Ryan claims no matter how he inherited the office, the unemployment rate is now much worst. He express there are over 23 million people without a job and you have more single mother living in poverty than ever before. Biden shot back by saying how Governor Romney is out of touch with the American people. Biden went into talking about the famous “47 percent”. Biden told Mr. Ryan he is out of touch have no idea about being in struggling times. Biden also stated that American people pay more in taxes than he does.

On women rights Biden makes it very clear that a woman’s body belongs to her...