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Advances of Information Technology in Acts

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Act was executed and signed by President Bill Clinton in 1996. This act is divided into parts. The first part, known as Title I, protects health insurance coverage for workers and their dependants, in the event of them losing or changing jobs. It basically guarantees that a group health plan cannot deny coverage or calculate the amount of your monthly premium, based on your health, medical history or any disabilities that you may have; this includes pre-existing conditions.

The second part, Title II or the Administrative Simplification (AS) provisions, mandates the standard outline for electronic health care transactions and national codes for providers, insurance plans and employers. This also covers the Privacy and Security rules. Because technology was outgrowing our paper-based privacy laws, the purpose of HIPAA was to protect the patient's privacy while allowing electronic access to his or her information (Jeffries, 2011). Information technology plays a major influence of methods of providing and documenting patient care. Advances in information technology have become an integral link to staff development and continuing education (Rivers, Rotters Blake, Lingren, 2011). PDAs are now regularly used by hospital staff to synchronize directly with healthcare databases and other patient information programs. Through using information technology, patients are now able to contact their physicians or staff to ask questions, through secured internet websites.

The days of using appointment books and handwritten charts, have now been replaced with electronic communication systems.

The Electronic Fund Transfer Act was passed in 1978 to protect individuals engaging in electronic fund transfers (EFTs).These include transfer services using automated teller machines,

Advances of Information Technology in Acts

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