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Benefit Types

Ashlee Langston

HSM 240


Terra Harris

Benefit Types

The National Coalition for the Homeless is a group of activists who have experienced or are experiencing homelessness whom all work towards a single mission; end and prevent homelessness. There are many benefit types and services provided to those who are experiencing homelessness or are at potential risk of experiencing it. The goal of NCH is to use their guiding principle, included those who have experienced homelessness in all of their work, to provide a positive change for the national number of those dealing with homelessness.

NCH focuses on policy issues such as affordable housing, comprehensive health care, livable incomes, and the preservation of civil rights. In order to achieve the goals they must focus on their strategies while still providing housing, education and food to those in need. The many projects that NCH offers are nation-wide and depend much on the politicians and are based on the social problem. The main benefit that is provided is tangible, material goods and shelter. Therefore, there must be funding and political support to solve the issue.

The political risk is the best evaluation criteria to use for NCH, politicians and the focus of the social problem at hand can be resolved through NCH providing education publicly and through policy advocacy. Through their education they provide information about the causes of, and solutions to homeless. NCH is committed to their systemic and attitudinal changes that are necessary in order to prevent the issue as well as end it.

The benefits that are provided are the immediate needs of ones facing homelessness; there is not cash provided but only shelter and needs. The political risk of this is that if politicians do not see the importance of lowering housing, health care and livable incomes then it is hard to place the clients out of the shelter and into a positive change.