Cmgt 554 Week 5 - Individual Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal Paper

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal

CMGT 554

July 18, 2011

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal

The way of the web is how all business is being conducted today and will continue to dominate how businesses communicate. Hospitals as well as any other business must learn to incorporate this technology to grow their business capabilities. The Patton-Fuller Hospital recognizes this and is striving

to find new ways to use this technology in everyday business. There are already some uses in the hospital and this paper will discuss some more they can incorporate.

Other than the internal network card, there are no devices to assist in preventing collisions, attenuation, corrupt and other line issues. The smart switches will help prevent collisions.  Currently all network transmissions run through a direct connection to the hospitals Ethernet.  The switches will reduce congestion on the network and direct traffic to where it needs to go.  The switches will also help with security of patient health information.  Data will only need to travel across the Ethernet lines that are needed and will not be transmitted through a wrong port.  The switch can also verify if the packet has taken any additional hops and been intercepted and modified.

The email system should include a third party vendor, like Proofpoint, to filter all company email.  The Proofpoint server will screen all company emails based on set rules and criteria.  Email correspondence containing patient health information whether in the body or an attachment can be blocked.  This will be only effective if accompanied by a web filtering product like Websense.  All email services other than the hospital’s need to be blocked.  This will prevent staff from using their hotmail or yahoo email accounts to send patient health information.  Since these email systems are outside of the hospital their content cannot be monitored and can only be blocked from access.

  It is very important that...