X Marks the Spot

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X Marks More Than the Spot

Terence Weilert

COM/156 - University Composition and Communication II

May 20, 2012

Sybil Martin

X Marks More Than the Spot

Looking back in history, one can easily identify examples of how technology affects different aspects of culture and society. Inventions of the radio, television, and personal computer impose influence on entertainment, education, and information sharing. Adults of any given era all are common in the fact that as parents, business owners, and political figures they have the most influence on actions and accomplishments contributing to how their group’s culture is depicted in history. Coming into early adulthood, millions of Americans who have been branded Generation X compose the most influential part of today’s society and will hold this responsibility for the next couple of decades before the next generation matures and takes over in this role. Analyzing current technologies reveals that progress of invention to date can be mostly accredited to other generations. Although Generation X has not been responsible for much advancement in technology, this generation’s contributions, adaptations, and inventions substantially impact culture and society.

Generation X, Technology, Culture

Utilizing technology, a unique and specific body of people, Generation X, affects society. Eighty-four million Americans, now between the ages of 30 and 50, compose this assembly defined, described, and labeled according to a 1991 publication, Generations, by William Strauss and Neil House (Miller, 2011). At this stage in their life, having the responsibilities of raising children, managing businesses, and holding elected offices, this collective demonstrates their influence on other members of society; technology plays a part in all of these aspects of their busy lives. In his report Active, Balanced, and Happy: These young Americans are not bowling alone, 2011, author Jon D. Miller states, “Generation X is the first...