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Project Proposal


Technology improves the lives of people. It eases the burden of man’s workload. It simplifies the process of the complicated ones. Today, it is not anymore an option to have these technological stuffs, but rather a must-have and are critically useful to us. Computers and mobile phones are once considered as luxurious items but over time turned out to be one of people’s needs.

Primarily in the field of business, it is an advancement to have high-end technology being injected in the business process. Especially on big establishments, all should be computerized as it speeds up the flow of the business processes. It also minimizes errors and reduces the need of human power.

The development of a business firm will continually grow if it is able to adapt to the changes in the business environment.

Being an information technology student, it is part of our job as future professionals to change the landscape of the business world into a better one. We can start from replacing the old system. Keep on improving the new ones. Be innovative in creating new systems.

To be able to implement these goals, we chose the Maco Development Cooperative. It is the only cooperative in the municipality of Maco. Maco Consumers Cooperative was established through the initiative of members working with Maco Parish Council that was initiated by Father Rolando Macale and other Parish Council Members namely: +Demetrio Casintahan, Marietta Cosare, Teodoro Gonzales, Imelda Calamba, Elesea Jorgeo, Estelita Garcia, Roberto Poliquit and Victoria Capoy on 1997. In 1981, its name was changed to Maco Development Cooperative and was registered to the Bureau of Cooperative Development and confirmed by the Cooperative Development Authority. In 1992, four market stall spaces were acquired by MADECO which was used as the new MADECO consumer store and the vacated area was utilized as storage space. September 8, 1998 marked the ground breaking of...