Miami School District

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Miami school district


Miami School District Negotiation

The Miami School District is negotiating on redrawing the school boundaries for the upcoming year. This is because of the unexpected increase of enrollment. They’re a few things that will affect the parents, kids, and he community with the redrawing of the boundaries. The reasons would include the quality of education, the increase travel time, crossing economic and cultural boundaries, effect on property values, and social effects on children. The plan is to meet the needs and wants of both parties in negotiation.


Stakeholders are the individuals who play a major role and or will be affecting by the redrawing. The stakeholders who have an issue with redrawing the school boundaries are the children attending or want to attend the school in that district. The parents of the children who attend those schools in that district and the employees who work for the school district will be affected with the redrawing. The communities in the surrounding areas will be affected by the schools from the district that need to be. With both parties having valid points and are important to each, the school board will have to create a win-win strategy.

Negotiation Strategy

The negotiation strategy in which the school board needs to create to meet both the concerns for the stakeholders and the other party involved. Without addressing both parties the redrawing of boundaries can create a win-lose situation in which can affect the school board in the end. The consequences can range from children leaving the district, to losing the employees currently working at their establishments. The school district will use integrative bargaining to gain and meet the needs of the stakeholders and prevent any issues. Both parties in the end will have a win-win situation because they both have the best interest to what is important in the negotiation. The best interest in the negotiation is the...