Sex, Lies and Dna Forensic Files Summary

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Discussion Summary: “Sex, Lies and DNA”

Prepared by: Sarah McLaughlin

Crime: Murder

Location: Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA

Date of Incident: June 4, 1989

Participating Investigators: Sergeant Lee Luginbuhl (Maricopa County Sheriff), Sergeant Darrell Smith (Maricopa County Sheriff), Leiutenant Rod Englert (Detective), Mark Stolorow (Forensic Biologist), Bill Clayton (Prosecutor), Petty Officer Dan Torpey (US Coast Guard), Detective Richard Allen (San Diego Police Department)

Summary and Crime Scene Investigation:

Ruby and Earl were married for over 20 years and had three grown children. They were both accountants and had their own accounting and tax preparation firm. Their business made them millionaires and they raised their children in a luxurious mountain home near Phoenix. On June 4, 1989, Earl headed to California to see his oldest daughter, Dawna, perform. She was a country singer with a promising career. Ruby decided not to join her husband, so she planned to go furniture shopping with their other daughter, Cindy. Ruby didn’t show up, so Cindy drove out to her parent’s house. It was not like Ruby to miss a date without calling first. When Cindy arrived at the house, Ruby was not there. The burglar alarm was off, Ruby’s purse was missing but her car was there however it was not parked in its normal spot. Ruby was a meticulous person, so Cindy noticed right away that things were out of place. The bathtub faucet was running, there were dirty clothes piled in the washer that hadn’t been washed, a carpet cleaner was out and the couples’ 22 caliber pistol was missing. Cindy called the police.

Sergeant Lee Luginbuhl, a Maricopa County Sheriff, reported that there was no evidence of a struggle or of a break in. Also, according to Sergeant Darrell Smith, the initial appearance of the house was immaculate; the beds were made, floors were clean, nothing to indicate that there was a struggle. Since Ruby would sometimes hike in the desert near their home,...