E-Store at Shell Canada Case

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ADM4326A Digital Marketing Technologies

Fall Semeter, 2012

By Professor Judith Madill

Estore at Shell Canada - Case Study Analysis

By 7061261 Mingming Zhang (Mindy)     

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Shell Canada opened its online store 2002 in order to provide faster and convenient service to their customer. The first hit is large that over 2000 customer register their eStore accounts on the website, however, it has been experiencing the low usage afterward. The case study will dianose this problem of eStore at Shell Canada as well as provide possible recommendations so as to increase usage of eStore.

Dianosis of Reasons

The reason of Shell Canada experiencing low use of e-store can be summarized into three points: low customer awarenss of e-store, non user-friendly design of its webpage and lack of standarized rules/polices and staff trainning with the implemenation of eStore.

• Low Customer Awareness of eStore

Low customer awarenss of e-store is indicated by some customers without knowing its existence. However, for those who already knew it, the new system does not provide...