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Arthur Ashe Essay

Being asked my opinion of Arthur Ashes greatest accomplishments, I believe his greatest accomplishment isn’t only him being the first African American to win the U.S. Open but, the legacy he has left behind. His legacy has inspired other African Americans and the youth to play the wonderful game of tennis knowing that nothing can stop them not race nor poverty.

Arthur Ashe has been an inspiration for many African American pro athletes today that were involved in his founded program, the National Junior Tennis League (NJTL). The NJTL is a program to provide the youth who are underprivileged the opportunity to learn tennis. It is a great program although it doesn’t affect me as much as the branch of NJTL which is Slam Jammers. Even though it is a branch of NJTL I am still thankful for the legacy of Arthur Ashe.

Slam Jammers is a program that provides young tennis players a chance to advance in the game of tennis. For me Slam Jammers has been much more than that. Slam jammers has provided me a place to go to learn tennis, leadership, and meet some incredible people. Slam Jammers also allows me a place to go and stay out of trouble while obtaining good grades.

Arthur Ashe worked hard to reach his goals and had a tremendous amount of determination. I only hope that the determination passes on to me and others like me working hard to get somewhere in life. So I can only thank Mr. Arthur Ashe for his amazing contributions and legacy that lives on.