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BMW Customer Services and Relationship Activities.

BMW is a German motorcar and motorcycle production plant. Due to production of a wide range of products, the company has embarked on quality to enhance customer service, satisfaction and retention. This paper is divided into the following topics:

a) How BMW ensures quality service.

i)Designs- attractiveness.



iv)Additional Service.

v)Service quality in relation to the GAPs model.

b) How BMW deals with complaints, ensures sufficient staffing and offer services on products.

i)Phone numbers.

ii)Customers’ feedback.

iii)Customers’ enquiry form.

c) What BMW does to boost customers’ loyalty so as to keep them.


ii)Offersand promotions on various products.

d) Conclusion

a) How BMW ensures quality service

BMW manufactures its motorcycles and automobiles laying emphasis on present-day design, quality fabrics and is particular on finer details. It produces a wide range of products to accommodate the needs of its clients all over the world. Apart from manufacture, BMW has displayed most of its products on its website, together with their prices, dealer locations, and specifications. Clients can choose a motorcar or motorcycle of their choice. BMW offers financial packages where a client chooses the best option to finance a vehicle coupled with various insurance products tochoose from. There are a number of BMW series to choose from, which are, among others, the 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, X, Z4 and M. Under the series are the various car and motorcycle models.

BMW customer services in relation to the GAP model

The GAPs model will describe how BMW motor vehicles and motorcycles do not fulfill the clients’ anticipations and thus brings about discontent (Pat 79). GAP 1 will describe how customers are complaining about the high amount of fuel consumed by the vehicles while those in charge of running BMW think all a...