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Stress Management Wellness Proposal

Cyntoria Y. Manley


April 21, 2011

Dr. Lena Watson

Stress Management Wellness Program Proposal

The Griffith Company is looking to implement an onsite wellness program for non-union employees. This program is a stress management wellness program that will help employees maintain a healthy stress level, manage daily stressors, and to promote a positive psychosocial health.

The Griffith Company Stress Management Wellness Program proposes to assist employees in managing stress through relaxation. According to (Donatelle, 2010) the relaxation technique will help employees cope with stressful feelings and refocus energies. This is mood-elevating, increases energy, and improves mental alertness, according to (Donatelle, 2010). A relaxation break will be rejuvenating way for Griffith employees to defuse stressors and take better control of their mental health. The Stress Management Program will focus on relaxation techniques for employees that will promote stress reducers for both the mind and body. The program will allow employees to redirect negative stress energy and handle stress effectively.

The Relaxation Room

The Relaxation Room is a room that will be used for employees to relax for 20 minutes per shift. This room will allow employees to renew their mind and body when there is a need for relaxation. Relaxation methods are beneficial when managing stress. Once employees explore various techniques, the workplace will become less stressing and a more productive environment by reducing frustration stressors. The Relaxation Room is an environmental friendly relaxation room for personal meditation, mental rejuvenation, and muscle relaxation. The proposal is to promote job satisfaction by providing an onsite stress management resource that will produce a positive mental wellness. According to (Daily News, 2009) a persons potential is unlimited, with good mental health and excellent mental...