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Green communication means communication causing less environmental pollution, less radiation, less power consumption, enabling technology for less power consumption in other systems. The hotel industry consumer substantial quantities of energy, water and non durable products. The environmental impacts of hotel facilities are thus greater than those caused by other types of buildings of similar size. it has been estimated that 75 percent of all environmental impacts created by the hotel industry can be attributed to the excessive consumption of local and Imported non durable goods, energy and water, followed by emissions released to air water and soil in recognition of environmental degradation, governments, along with the green movement within the hotel and tourism industry and travelers, have become increasingly aware of the need for more effective measure to protect the environment.

(Anderson, E.W and Fornell, C… ‘’customer satisfaction research prospectus, in Rust, R.T and oliver, R.L, service quality: new direction in theory and practices)

Hotel uses different attributes to protect environment or keep environment green and as well as satisfy to the customer the attributes of hotel service can be divided into four different types according to the way in which they contribute to forming satisfaction of ‘’basic’’ attributes. When evaluated negatively by the customer, ‘’basic’’ attributes are determining in reducing overall satisfaction; when they are evaluated favorably they have a slight influence on satisfaction formation but they are not determine. (2) ‘’plus’’ attributes. When evaluated positively by the customer, ‘’plus’’ attributes contribute strongly to the level of overall satisfaction; thus they are determining. When ‘’plus’’ attributes are evaluated unfavorably they only contribute weakly to satisfaction, so they are not determining. (3) ‘’key’’ attributes. However they are evaluated, ‘’key’’ attributes play a major role in forming...