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Research Proposal

Celebrity craziness

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Research Proposal:

To: Deena P. Forkan Date: 26 February, 2012

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It has become a trend that we follow the celebrities around us. We try to copy their lifestyles and do whatever they are practicing in their daily life. It is observed quite rapidly among the young people. It is accepted that we take our celebrities as icons but having a life like theirs is craziness. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we want to have a glimpse of our celebrities on our appearance. This picture is now seen in Bangladesh. Young generation especially the teenage people are more interested in what the celebrities are doing rather than coming up with their own styles. Here in my research, I want to find out the main reasons and the depth of its consequence behind this celebrity craziness. Apart from that I would like to figure out the things that the young people want to copy from the celebrities. Moreover, this research will focus on the advantages and the disadvantages of celebrity craziness.


As major portion of my research deals with general peoples view ,especially young generation, towards celebrity and to what extent they follow celebrities, how they deal with it and how much that affecting their life, therefore to know the lifestyle of celebrity and how that is being practiced by others is very important. It is also necessary to measure the level of change in terms of lifestyle, in one’s life due to celebrity craziness. So proper quantification of general peoples way of...