Managing Yourself

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* Anne will not be earning as she was.

* Financially she will be demoralized.

* She will be missing the facilities she used to have (annual salary of £90,000, a chauffeur-driven car, free use of one of the company-owned London flats, a non-contributory pension scheme, various gold credit cards and first-class air travel)

* But getting into the health and satisfaction issue Anne will be very calm. Because the work pressure will not be like that she used to have.

* Study background shows that Anne is a very good student and she already got a chance of research but she rejected. Now she has a chance to go on with it.

* The job which she took will be easy for her as she knew the place. Everybody wants to be in the comfort zone while working so she can be in the comfort zone easily.

* She can share her experience with current university students as she has successful career and she is graduated there.

* She knew few people over there as she was a good student everybody will give her respect.

* Already she has earned a handful amount and may be she has saved few so can go on easily and can do some research activities.

* Being in the corporate and working in an education institute is different but she can utilize her skills of corporate to manage things and as she has done MBA may be she can help in managing the business side of the institute.

* If Anne succeeds in her work may be the institution will think about giving her a good amount of salary and will try to give facilities.

* When she was working in a corporate she was one of the main persons for getting work ("primarily responsible for bringing in work to the consultancy") so Wallace used to give lot of support, but over here she will be only concerned with the teaching of a certain number of students. It is possible that she will not be very valuable for them so that they will give the same benefits as she used to get, unless she gain rewards for achievements of...