Relationship Between Public and Private Police

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A look at the correlation that exists between public and private police whether positive or negative shows the continuing growth together as partners. Also I will include the discussion of conflict in regard to the definition of public and private space influences the correlation between private and public police and ways that these associations can be maintained or improved.

The public police and private police have some similarities; for one reason is to make certain of the safety and security of society (Clifford, 2004). Private polices’ purpose is just as important as public police for the fact there objective is to control crime, maintain order as well as protect the property and life of their assigned area (Joh, 2004). Private police officers often work in-house security or by contract security in which are trained to protect property of their employer’s such as an apartment building or shopping mall. A public police officer gains his or her right from state, local or municipal law in which are sworn and warranted by the municipality in which they are assigned (Greene, 2005). Some private officers’ in some states or jurisdictions are trained by the public police in which grants the private officers with special police powers such as arrests’ or use of weapons (Greene, 2005).

Today public police officers are relying upon private police officers to provide assisted aid. While the private and public officers are viewed by society to be two different fields they both maintain several of the same responsibilities. Public officers could benefit with the extra assistance of private officers with crime control and other allied concerns (Hummer & Nalla, 2003).

The argument surrounding the definition of public and private space is the functions of public police and private police. Private security officers within a certain community may use police functions when needed as well as trained to use police functions. Individuals have turned to gated...