Career Management at Carrefour

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Career management is a lifelong, self-monitored process of investment resources to achieve career goals. (Businessdictionary 2011) Career management is no longer considered as a onetime occurrence but a continual process of self-evaluation (Careerinlife 2011)

Career management is mainly the individual’s responsibility, however, is not meant for the individual alone, but it is also important that the organization manage their career as well. The satisfaction of employees in an organization is very important since it leads to desired result. Therefore, organizations need to employ strategies to balance both the needs of the individual and the organization. (Careerinlife 2011, HRVoice 2011)

Carrefour is one of the largest and leading retail merchandise in the world; the number one retailer in Europe and also the second largest in the world. It sells a wide range of groceries and electrical goods. It is headquartered in Paris, France by the Fournier and Defforey families in 1959. (Carrefour 2011)

As at 2008, Carrefour operates in over 15,500 stores in 35 countries worldwide with 475,000 employees, serving 2 billion customers, also earning EUR 108,629 billion in revenue (USD 122,580 million). Carrefour operates in four main formats, hypermarkets, supermarkets, hard discount and convenience stores and the major markets include France, Spain, Greece, Argentina, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil and Asia. (Carrefour 2011)

They provide internal training to guide employees through organizational change and help contribute towards the development of the employees and support them in creating their own career path. Also, opportunities for managers to participate in programmes such as "Customer Orientation and Strategy", "Leadership", "Development and Running of a Franchise Network" and others to help certify their field experience by creating employees professional skills. (Carrefour 2011)

The group provides job opportunities for all employees through the adoption on...