Prop House Fitness

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By Vincent Wallace

Prop House Fitness

* Executive Summary

Prop House Fitness provides wellness strategies and fitness programs to businesses and everyday people in the Chicago land area. A wellness strategy is a long-term effort, combining both health-promotion and exercise-related activities designed to facilitate positive lifestyle changes in members of a company's work force and to change the lives of everyday people who want to become healthy or just to stay physically fit.

* Prop House Fitness will provide health care and body workout services.

* Prop House Fitness will offer low cost services to all segments of customer.

* Owners are experienced and dedicated towards health care services.

* Health care market is on the boom in USA.

* Market volume is expected to reach $69.8 billion by the year 2014

* A large segment of market is still untapped.

* Heart disease and obesity are on record high causing increase in health club demand.

* Low income market segment is ignored by key competitors.

* Health club market is competitive in Chicago but provides equal growth opportunities.

* Increasing awareness & childhood obesity and heart disease are the driving forces for market growth.

* Prop-House fitness will have their own training facility with state of the art health care equipment from quality manufacturers.

Marketing Situation

Prop House Fitness health club is situated in Chicago Illinois. It was formed by Vincent Wallace & December 2011.

Prop House Fitness will provide health and fitness services that are good in quality and low in cost.

Mission and Vision:

Vision: To create awareness about healthy lifestyle and its benefits to individuals. Mission: To provide strategies and training programs related to health care.

Strengths and Core Competencies:

* Lowest cost of services in comparison to competitors...