British Colonisation in Pakistan

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a process of global period. Movement going all over the world. India was there in colonization, 18thand 19th century.


* We Muslims were those people living in India under the names of Hindus.

* Unlike some historians tell us that we Muslims cam with Mohammad Bin Qasim.

* We happened to be historically and culturally Indians i.e. human activity and way of life.


* One of the oldest civilization, it’s not in written form, we know about it through excavation – British came to India and excavated civilization and that is how we know about it.

* It is located all along the river Indus and its east west tributaries.

* The location is dotted all along the river. It has 70 centers.

* The largest is Mohenjo-Daro in the south and Harappa in the north.

* Mohenjo-Daro in the mouth of Indus Delta and Harappa at the Bank of the river.

* These were the largest centers underneath.

* The economic characteristics were agriculture.

* Agriculture in oldest time was in Surplus mean prosperity.

* It was done in a semi Arab environment (means you don’t have water in that part).

* This surplus there came to overcome the challenges that were through technology.

* They bused to achieve that agriculture surplus throughout the year – flood canals.

* Use of these flood canals was cops were grown out the year that’s what surplus.


* They lived in urban centers, means high standards of living.

* These places were giving them distinguishing place.

* These are well planned.

* Well planned planning was that city had zonal structures – zones were functional zones (according to the work that’s happening.)

* Zonal structure means a 3 different heights:-

* Religious functioning zone was build accordingly. Wells and bath were made. They were into worshipping nature, so it was a public functioning zone.