Culture Shock

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English 1B Latino Literature

September 4th, 2012

Essay # 1

Culture Shock

In the story, “The Biggest City in the World”, Harvey Gomez is a young Mexican- American graduate student who has traveled to Mexico. Once he lands at the airport he runs into his professor, Rogstart, who is a scholar of Mexican History. Harvey is so surprised to have run into his professor at the airport, but it did not come as a surprise to Rogstart. The professor who is somewhat bothered by the presence of his former student states, “You’re a graduate student... Who studies Mexico. I’m a professor and scholar of Mexican History. It’s winter vacation, so we have a month off. This historically important city...” (Chacon 57) Even though it seems as if the professor is somewhat cold, he shows a nice side when a beggar approaches him begging for money and the professor pulls change out of his pocket and hands it to him. Once the beggar turns to ask Harvey for change, he pretends not to hear him, and once Rogstart turns his head, he tells the beggar, “Just Go.”(Chacon 57) Once the two men go their own ways, Harvey is now challenged to find his way to his hotel. Once there, he lay in his bed, claiming he was suffering from jet lag. “After two days, he rose from his bed, left the room...”(Chacon 58) , the fact that it was his first time ever traveling anywhere, and he spends the first couple days in his room , shows how little he was interested on being there. Once he had the drive to leave his room, He walks outside says to himself, “A Beautiful city,” (Chacon 58), and once again walks back into his room. He does not feel like he fits in, which makes it hard for him to adjust to this city. Even though, it is the homeland of his ancestors.

Finally, he becomes bored and leaves his room for the second time, he is happy but then something happens. The busboy of the restaurant, he chooses to go to, approaches him and asks him what he is doing there. Harvey blends in so well in that city,...