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1.0 Introduction

Hock Seng transportation company is one of largest transportation company in Asian region. The company was first establish on the year 1945, they started their business by delivering new straits times papers(NSTP), film rolls and trailer throughout Malaya and Singapore. After few years they have also delivering magazines and books throughout Asian region. The has develop their business into much wider section by stepping into forwarding and logistic industry. Along these years they opened seven different types business and many more branches. Hock Cheong company has a very own best chain management system that can provide a good quality of work to all the employee with efficiency and effectiveness. The business was sooner expanded more into logistic field. logistic is a management of the flows a good information , goods and other sources including people power and energy. The very simplest way to explain logistic is actually all about the ways and means of meeting the demand for the materials and i.e. satisfying the customers with what she or he wants. This brief explanation also includes outbound, inbound, internal and external movement and returns of the goods based on the environmental factors. So the Hock Cheong ptd is also a very important role in the logistic industry. To maintain the best quality of work the company has it own supply chain framework. This supply will actually follow the basic that the company has started from the very beginning such as door to door delivery for local and international delivery the company uses to do it by air or sea transportation. The supply chain framework is a good way to have the Cock Cheong group to proceed to a better and much quality level of management. For instance the logistic flow of products is the transports such as Lorries, container and loading of the goods. Hock Cheong is company that manage the supply chain thoroughly with the constant of both the upstream and downstream movement....