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Thirty years ago, technology was nowhere near as advanced and connected to society as it is today. Because we are able to communicate through more ways than we were before, there are now more ways for ethical issues to surface. Our views on ethics have changed as the world around us is changing. There are now more ways to get information that help us make our ethical decisions, and we evaluate these things differently than we did 30 years ago.

Not only have our personal outlook on ethics changed, but the legal system has also brought forth new laws to keep up with the issues as they surface. The current age we are in has leaned more towards technology and focus’ more on how successfully you can build, invent, develop, and manage in the world rather than taking the more ethical path.

Reality has also changed drastically over the past 30 years. Because of technology, it is now socially acceptable and ethical for long distance relationships compared to other relationships. We can Photoshop pictures and send automated messages rather than personal letters. All of these things change the way we look at ethical issues in the world.

I think the biggest challenge to business ethics is the way technology is used for everything. I would much rather have conversations with someone face to face, rather than via the internet. Businesses today use email and other forms of technology over communicating personally with others. This can cause problems between companies working together if one party made a mistake in an email, or someone misinterpreted the meaning behind something.