The Corny Soup of Justice

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The Corny Soup of Justice

Have you ever come to the crossroads of your live starting at the decisions you have made, and not exactly knowing where either path will lead? Back in September of 2007 I was facing my own crossroad, and a poor decision had led me to my imminent issue at hand. I was arrested with my friend, sitting in the State Trooper’s cruiser on the way to get booked, and I had time to think, to dwell on my last decision that had led me into this new shiny pair of “bracelets” I was wearing. Looking back now, I am glad I made the decision because it led me to where I am now. I am a better person for it, and from it. My mistake was the wakeup call I needed to set my life straight. It started with a laugh with a friend, leading to a long night of fear and a world closing in around us.

Reading a few local news articles on that fateful night years ago, I ran across an article about a charity corn maze at the local orchard. Accompanying the article was the photo that sparks and idea- a very bad idea. The aerial photograph of the corn maze was of Spiderman, clenching an apple with one hand. I looked at my friend, Alex, sitting next to me. I made the stay comment, “We could make Spiderman flip the bird.” This set off a whole series of laughter of mutual amusement when we realized that we could do that and have a great laugh afterward. We decided to follow through on this idea. Setting out after dark, we made our way to the corn maze a few towns over. After approximating where we were within the maze, we started our thrashing. Alex removed the corn stalks by the wayside with a Ninja sword he had brought with us. I hacked away carelessly, like a solider in the jungle thickets of Vietnam, removing any and all signs of corn.

Little did we know that we while we were both “thinning out the crop,” we were also being watched. At a nearby parking lot, a bright light suddenly illuminated the dark we were in, as if a thousand suns had instantly snuffed out the...